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By Anja Baek
on October 22, 2021
In Kungsängen, Stockholm, there is a small family gym with a first-class feel. The facility is called Ecogym and is run by the passionate owner, Shahab Tahwildaran.
Before BRP Systems came into the picture, the gym had quite a turbulent beginning. Read about their bumpy journey, and learn of the do's and don'ts when opening your own fitness facility, as Shahab shares his story.
By Anja Baek
on October 05, 2021
How do you stay relevant and attractive in the Fitness and Wellness industry for more than 35 years? The Norwegian fitness and wellness chain, 3T Treningssenter, has managed to do exactly that! Are you curious about how?
We’ve had a very interesting talk with Heidi Heggernes, HR director and long-term executive at 3T. Heidi shares her thoughts and experiences on how to remain a key player in a truly competitive industry – among others by using real-time data as a basis for business insights and decision making.

By Anja Baek
on February 24, 2021
A new and exclusive Swedish operator, The Brick Gym, opened in the fall of 2020 with the main focus to be a modern and innovative training facility! To ensure this, The Brick Gym partnered up with BRP Systems to meet the high-quality requirements and wishes of its members. This is the story of a true partnership to reach a common goal!