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Are you looking for an intelligent, intuitive and future-proof software platform customised to fit your business – no matter size or life cycle stage?

BRP Systems offers you an all-in-one management software platform that contributes to growth and profit while making your members happy.

Our goal is to make your administration easy as a breeze, so you can focus on your core business.

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BRP provides a wide range of tools that are all linked in one powerful platform


Booking & Planning


  •  Group Activites

  •   1-on-1 sessions

  •   Salary management

  •   Easy booking & cancellation


Customer Relationship Management

  •   Easy customer management

  •   Reach your members efficiently

  •   Memberships 

Statistics & Finances

  •   Important insights from data

  •   Easy reporting setup

  •   Business Intelligence & Machine learning


Point of Sale & Webshop


  •  Memberships, tickets, services & products

  •  Recurring payments

  •  Webshop and on location solutions


Marketing & Retention


  •    Multichannel communication tools

  •    Campaigns

  •    Customer Retention

  •    Automated workflows

Mobile App

  •   Customisable for your brand
  •   Efficient functionality & communication
  •   Great user experience


BRP empowers more than 2000 facilities


BRP has touch points with 3.5 million end users


BRP has approx. 100 talented employees

Selection of our customers


What our customers say about BRP Systems

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It made perfect sense to go with the best software on the market from the start when our business was brand new.

The system automatically registers how many hours the instructors spend on fitness classes. It automatically calculates it, and that is bloody brilliant. That saves me and my office clerk multiple work hours.

After getting started with BRP Cloud, it’s clear to me that it was the right choice. It works perfectly. Actually, I recommended my acquaintance to transfer to BRP.


Nikolaj Bech Nielsen_Morsø_rund
Nikolaj B. Nielsen
Founder of Morsø Gym & Fitness
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BRP has always been very strong when it comes to payments and the cash flow for our entire business. Creating and supporting solid routines around the cash has always worked extremely well in BRP Systems.

Having these reliable routines and automated flows gives us predictability, stability and trustworthiness, both for our customers and our company / employees.

Since we may “relax” when it comes to these important tasks we are able to focus our efforts on improving both customer and employee satisfaction. 


Heidi Heggernes
HR at 3T-Produkter
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The system has been an immediate hit with our staff, but most importantly also with our customers who love the additional benefits it offers them.

The support we receive from the BRP Systems is second-to-none, they are always there, plus they openly encourage any feedback, that will specifically improve our club.

Overall, it is a fantastic product, runs superbly and the support is excellent. We would highly recommend to all clubs.


Tom Horsfield
Manager, Bollington Health & Leisure
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The collaboration with BRP Systems has lifted our yoga studio to new heights.

The system is easy to understand, intuitive and has a great layout.

You always get the best support and advice from competent industry people who are passionate about what they do.


Maj Ingemann-Molden
CEO & Owner, Yogahuset

BRP Mobility - Next level project

We are investing heavily in building the next level of app and web solution. New features and extended functionality along with a great user experience will empower your brand and business set-up.  Let's push the limits for mobility.


BRP Cloud - The perfect task crusher

Running a health club is very awarding, but can also be challenging at times. Especially following the pandemic. The uneven flow of tasks makes it’s important to have a powerful business platform that adopts to new subscription types, handles sales, contract signing, payments, activity administration, statistics and much more.

BRP Cloud is that platform.

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