Mobility web - Mock-up of features

Offer a great user experience online

With our new web solution, you take a step into the future of superior web experiences that's simple for you and your members to manage. 

With just a few clicks, your members can easily: 

  • Manage bookings
  • View training statistics
  • Purchase items
  • Buy services and tickets for events
  • + much more 
Mbility web - Computer with mock-up

Customise your web design to fit your brand DNA

Our web solution includes multiple customisation options. These options give you the opportunity to tailor the design, so it matches the look and feel your brand is characterised by. 

Customisation options include: 

  • Fonts
  • Colours
  • Images
  • Instructor names + photos
  • Class descriptions

Try the new generation of websites

Our new generation of websites includes a new and smoother user experience. You can create a customised universe online where your members can easily explore all your offers and purchase what they need.


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