Work smarter with a tailored fitness management system

Do you want to save time on administrative tasks in your fitness facility? With BRP Cloud, you can tailor the solution to include all the elements you need to elevate your business. 

Our fitness administration software makes it easy for you to manage all your tasks from setting up memberships and classes to planning and decision-making.

An all-in-one fitness center software

Easy book classes with our fitness booking system

Book classes easy

Your members will have a complete overview of the classes you offer and book their favourite class with a snap of the finger.

Our fitness booking software makes planning simple to manage.

Efficient planning

You get the full overview of staff, working hours and rooms available for classes - making it easy for you to plan classes and work schedules.

Our fitness software brings you relevant statistics you can base decisions on.

Statistics made simple

Let the visualised statistics assist you in making the right decisions based on your own data - and not your gut feeling.

Use our fitness membership management software to optimise your work.

Membership management

Set up all the membership types you want, and make it simple to manage all your members and their memberships.

An all-in-one fitness software including multiple marketing channels.

Powerful marketing tools

Push the right message at the right time via the best channel to improve retention and decrease your churn rate.

Use our fitness club management software to sell memberships online and offline

Multichannel sales

Make it easy for your future members to sign up by using the integrated webshop or point of sales - making it possible to buy online and offline.

Read more about all the benefits in our brochure

Download our brochure that describes all the advantages and how you can elevate your business with our fitness software solution.

A fitness booking software that is simple for members and employees.

An effective fitness booking system

By using our booking systems for fitness clubs, it is easy for your members to browse through all your classes, so they can find their favourite class to attend. 

With our solution, you get a complete fitness booking software that gathers everything from managing classes and personal training sessions to automatically supervising the booking process - making it a smooth experience for your members to book a class or personal trainer session. 

Plan ahead, and save time

With our fitness software, you can take planning to the next level. Get the full picture of your staff and their working hours, and plan weeks or months ahead at a time to save time on administrative work in the long run. 

Avoid shift switching gone wrong. In our fitness management system, you can assign responsibilities to each employee making sure that shifts are covered by the right employee with the right competencies. 

Make planning and scheduling simple with our fitness management software
Take your data-driven decisions to the next level with our fitness software

Elevate your business with data-driven decision-making

Do you recognise the scenario where you have a feeling that your members behave in a certain way? You might be right, but why not be certain that your gut feeling is actually the case? This is where data can help you. 

With our fitness software solution, you can see for sure what characterises your members and their behaviour.

By visualising your data, you can get a closer look at your business to get a clear vision of areas to focus on - and areas to focus less on - to take your business to the next level with data-driven business decisions.

Keep track of your memberships to offer a quality-experience

With our fitness membership management software, you can set up all the membership types you would like and that you consider relevant for your target group. 

If you have more than one facility, you can tailor your range of memberships to fit each facility - or offer the same ones across all fitness facilities.

This gives you a unique opportunity to adapt to local differences taking into account your target group or competitors. 

A fitness membership management software that helps improve the member experience
Use our fitness administration software to manage several communication channels

Take your marketing to the next level

With our fitness software, you have the option to reach out to your members via multiple channels including email, text messages and in-app notifications. 

However, our fitness management system is more than a communication channel. You can use your data to get in touch with your members at that crucial time before they leave your fitness club. 

The combination of data and marketing in our fitness software solution can become vital for your business, as it contributes to decreasing your churn rate and increasing your retention rate - taking your business ahead of the curve.

Make it convenient to join your fitness club

With the point of sales tool in our fitness software solution, it is easy for your members to just turn up in your facility to sign up and get started with their membership right away.

Additionally, your employees get a manageable solution that makes it simple to offer the members a fast and smooth registration - creating a great experience for all involved in the buying process.

If your members prefer to register online, you can offer them to use the integrated webshop. It is connected to the point of sales meaning all your membership types and their prices will appear on your website.

The fitness management software that offers both online and offline purchase solutions

Morsø Gym & Fitness

"It made perfect sense to go with the best software on the market from the start when our business was brand new.

Now, I can solely focus on my members in the gym - and not on a load of administration work.

After getting started with BRP, it’s clear to me that it was the right choice. It works perfectly. Actually, I recommended my acquaintance to transfer to BRP."

Nikolaj Bech Nielsen_Morsø_rund

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