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The local passion with global offerings

Do you run an independent gym or maybe a smaller fitness business with only one or a few facilities? Do you experience tough competition from the larger chains in the industry?

Then we have the perfect solution for you. It's called TrainLikeHome - a solution that makes it easy for your members to stick to their routine while on the go. 

TrainLikeHome makes it possible to stay local with your business but offer your members national and even global coverage - giving your members the opportunity to stay active anywhere.

A simple solution to get you ahead of the curve

Our TrainLikeHome solution is powered by TrainAway and is basically a huge, global community with other health and fitness businesses that, like you, want to offer their members more facilities to make use of when being out of town.

The concept is simple, but the potential value is huge:

  • Your members can use other facilities in the network when being out of town
  • Other fitness members can make use of your facility when visiting your town. 

It's a mutual partnership that benefits all the facilities in the network and the members who always want a gym to access - no matter where they go. 

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Get a head start with a free trial period

When you choose the TrainLikeHome solution, you get a free trial period of 3 months - of course with full access.

The trial period gives you plenty of time to explore the advantages and see for yourself how your members can make great use of the solution. 

How your facility can benefit from TrainLikeHome

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Become global while being local

Give your members the local passion and experience of your local facility, but offer them the opportunity to use their membership in partner facilities throughout the world - giving you a competitive advantage.
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Increase retention

Offer your members the exclusive opportunity to take their membership with them on the go, so they can stay active no matter where they are.
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Attract new members

Increase your number of members by standing out from the crowd of competitors with the attractive advantage of gym coverage nationwide.
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Exploit the global partner network

Make it easy and convenient for your members to use similar facilities like yours to stay healthy - both domestic and across borders. 

A competitive advantage that entails an even better member experience

Our TrainLikeHome solution includes multiple advantages when seeing it from your members' point of view.

These benefits create a great experience - making your members happy and engaged.

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Included in the membership

Include the TrainLikeHome solution in your memberships, and give your members more value for money.

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A smooth and user-friendly experience

The app makes it easy for your members to book a pass in one of the partner facilities and just show up to work out. 

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A ton of facilities to choose from

Your members can choose from +1,600 partner facilities across the world to make use of.

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No need to compromise

If a member prefers a local, dedicated facility, they can stay true to your business and still be able to exploit the chain advantages of having more venues to visit. 


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local partners in Sweden


global partners world wide

Join other satisfied customers in the TrainLikeHome network

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"We simply loved the idea from the beginning. There is no doubt that with a solution like TrainLikeHome, we’ll be able to offer all our members a better service when they are on business trips around the country or enjoying vacation somewhere in Denmark.

In the fitness industry, service means everything to a small private facility. With the TrainLikeHome solution, we are now able to offer a service that previously was available only in the larger chains. We see a huge potential in TrainLikeHome, and we expect our members to embrace it".

Kim Evan Rasmussen_rund
Kim Evan Andersen
Owner, Ör&Sund
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"With TrainLikeHome, we are able to offer our members the opportunity to maintain their training routines while they are on holiday. Sticking to their exercise habits while being away will make it much easier for them to come back to the gym when returning from their holiday.

For us at Fitness Møn, this will hopefully mean that we can avoid member terminations or pause of memberships.

Additionally, we also hope that a lot of tourists will come to our facility while they’re on holiday here".

Jan Joensen - Fitness Moen - TrainLikeHome
Jan Joensen
Owner, Fitness Møn

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