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By Line Gade on February 16, 2021

Morsø Gym & Fitness: A quality solution for a quality gym

Morsø Gym & Fitness implemented BRP from the moment they opened the doors to their new gym. They wanted a quality solution that matched their quality gym - to create a coherent experience for the members. 

Now I can solely focus on my members in the gym - and not on a load of administration work, says Nikolaj Bech Nielsen, the founder of Morsø Gym & Fitness.


Background: Who is Morsø Gym & Fitness?

Morsø Gym & Fitness is a newly started gym which is located on Mors. Before establishing the gym, Nikolaj Bech Nielsen had tried multiple gyms the last 7-8 years. 

However, he was always a bit disappointed that the gyms in his area were quite small. The facilities felt packed when more than 10 members were gathered in the same room. 

He saw no other way than to open his own gym. A gym with lots of space and quality equipment and a place where everyone was welcome - no matter their age, exercise level or training preferences. 


Challenge: Finding a simple administration and access system

For Morsø Gym & Fitness it’s all about creating a good experience for the members. So, the 24-hour opening was a no-brainer. However, they needed a good solution for the access system. 

The members should easily be able to enter the facilities at all hours. At the same time, guests should only be able to enter in the opening hours of the reception.

Additionally, Morsø Gym & Fitness wanted to reduce the time spent on administering memberships and bookings to a minimum, and at the same time ensure the whole experience for the members and the staff was as easy and intuitive as possible. It was crucial that the software worked without the necessity of monitoring or using a lot of time correcting things in the system. 

All in all, they wanted a system that could do its magic in the background and create a good experience - for the staff and the members. 



A quality solution to solve all the challenges

In the search for the right software, Nikolaj Bech Nielsen reached out to an acquaintance in the same industry for advice.  

His acquaintance recommended Sport Solution which Nikolaj Bech Nielsen afterwards contacted. At the time, Sport Solution had just been acquired by BRP Systems - the leading supplier of SaaS solutions in Sweden. That opened up multiple opportunities for Morsø Gym & Fitness as the two companies now operated as a group. 

Nikolaj Bech Nielsen was recommended to go with the solution from BRP Systems because it had better functionalities  

He was intrigued by the quality of the BRP system and all the useful functionalities. So, it was an easy choice to go with BRP Systems. 

It made perfect sense to go with the best software on the market from the start when our business was brand new, Nikolaj Bech Nielsen says.

Morsø Gym & Fitness’ solutions from BRP Systems:

      • BRP Cloud
      • Door system from Gantner



“... I recommended my acquaintance to transfer to BRP ...”

In the implementation phase, Morsø Gym & Fitness only configured the functions they saw as necessary at the time. They wanted to make it as simple as possible to start with. 

Morsø Gym & Fitness has benefited from the user-friendly and intuitive system. They are very impressed with how much time they are saving on administration. 

After getting started with BRP, it’s clear to me that it was the right choice. It works perfectly. Actually, I recommended my acquaintance to transfer to BRP, Nikolaj Bech Nielsen states. 

What’s next? At Morsø Gym & Fitness they are strongly considering offering fitness classes to their members. In that connection, they have had a look at the Resource Planner module in BRP Systems, and they are already impressed with the opportunities and functionalities. 

The system automatically registers how many hours the instructors spend on fitness classes. It automatically calculates it, and that is bloody brilliant. That saves me and my office clerk multiple work hours, Nikolaj Bech Nielsen says.  

Published by Line Gade February 16, 2021