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Chloé Baaklini
By Chloé Baaklini on May 20, 2024

Insert Coin and BRP Collaborate to Boost Gym Member Motivation and Increase Revenues

BRP Systems has teamed up with Insert Coin to modernize loyalty programs for gyms and fitness companies - thanks to knowledge gained from the mobile gaming industry - by integrating gaming mechanics into BRP's comprehensive business system. This collaboration is set to launch the industry's first fully integrated engagement and loyalty system.

Carl Bjerkne, CEO  and co-founder of Insert Coin who previously was the product manager at Candy Crush, aims to incorporate gaming mechanics into entirely different digital products and emphasizes the significant impact of a well-designed system. "After working closely with BRP for nearly a year, it’s exciting to be ready for launch. We know how effective a good system can be," says Carl.

As the Nordic region's leading business system for gyms and fitness, BRP Systems aims to enhance member experiences. "BRP Loyalty is a major step in our initiative," says Marius Andersson, BRP’s product strategy lead.

Traditional loyalty programs often fail to engage members effectively. Modern systems, as Carl explains, use continuous engagement mechanisms to build positive behaviors and loyalty. This approach is backed by research and has shown success in other industries.

Untitled design (40)Digital fitness companies like Strava and Runkeeper have successfully implemented engagement solutions, but physical gyms often lag behind. Many lack the systems to maintain member interest and retention. The fitness industry has focused too much on acquiring new members rather than retaining existing ones, similar to the challenges faced by the e-commerce sector.

Carl highlights the importance of encouraging positive behaviors to create business value. Personalized experiences, like those offered by Netflix, significantly boost engagement. Social elements, such as challenges and leaderboards, also play a crucial role in motivating members.

BRP Systems and Insert Coin have kept this project under wraps but are now going live with several pilot customers, with a broader rollout expected after the summer. This marks the first fully integrated solution of its kind in Europe.

Marius Andersson of BRP notes the company's evolution in streamlining fitness operations for their facility customers. However, a significant shift is underway to enhance member experiences. This transition includes BRP's recent acquisition of Twiik and the upcoming launch of BRP Loyalty, marking a pivotal advancement in their offerings.

Gustav Hagström, BRP Systems' R&D director, explains, "With Insert Coin’s platform integrated into our system, existing and future BRP customers can easily activate their loyalty programs. The system is robust and flexible for facilities."

Carl adds, "This collaboration ensures a fully integrated experience, making it easier for BRP facilities to implement and customize based on their needs. This will enhance engagement and retention."

Gyms can expect significant improvements in member retention, increased revenue per member, and overall better health outcomes. Previous launches have shown a 40% increase in retention and a 20% increase in the purchase of training products.



Published by Chloé Baaklini May 20, 2024
Chloé Baaklini