Make your everyday work easier with face recognition

We can proudly present the new Justface Fitness integration. Justface Fitness delivers face recognition solutions that use AI to verify if people entering are approved to use your facilities or not.

Every person is photographed when entering your facility. The pictures are then checked in your member database. 

If a person e.g., is not a member, has missed a payment or for some other reason is not allowed to use your facilities, you and your employees will receive an app notification on your mobile phones. From there, you can reach out to the person in question and recover the missed payment or make sure the person leaves the premises. 


Fight cheating, and retain otherwise lost revenue

Studies from Justface Fitness show that gyms experience that 15-40% of their members cheat - meaning using the facilities without paying. 

With Justface Fitness, you can reduce cheating at your gym by reacting when people enter your facility without having paid. This way, you can retract the revenue you would otherwise have lost. Additionally, you can save the cost of membership cards and key tags. 

The many advantages

With Justface Fitness, you will experience multiple advantages that make the operation at your facility easier while the investment makes its money back fast. 

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Reduce cheating

Take action as soon as someone cheats their way into your facility, and minimise cheating significantly. 

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Increase your bottom line

Convert non-paying visitors to paying members, and turn cheating to profit.

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Stay up-to-date

Stay updated on the situation at your gym via your phone - both when you are at your facility and when you are on the go.

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Create a safe environment

Give your members a safe experience at your facility by ensuring them that you have full control over who uses the facility. 

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Improve your operations

With the in-depth insights into the use of your facility and classes, you can also optimise your employee and class scheduling.

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Automate check-in and check-out

Reduce lines and waiting time, and give your members a better experience with automatic check-in and check-out.

Face recognition - Justface Fitness vs. iPhone


Justface Fitness measures more than 36,000 data points on the face


An iPhone measures 30,000 data points on the face

Face recognition via an iPhone and Justface Fitness is very alike. However, there is a significant difference between the two. Face recognition via Justface Fitness measures more than 20% more data points compared to an iPhone. That entails more accurate measurements and in that way a more trustworthy verification of your members. 

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