Grow your business to its full potential

Is the day-to-day administration of your business fully optimised? 

Using the right Point of Sale system will not only improve your operative processes and workflows, but it can also optimise the financial management of your business, heighten your member satisfaction as well as boost your bottom line.

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A smoothly-run-club equals happy members

Have you ever felt the pressure of a stressful day helping unsatisfied customers at the desk?

Great Point of Sale software is developed to make various processes as streamlined as possible and bring a new level of efficiency to your front desk. This makes your business run smoother and more professional – reducing long lines while improving the member and staff experience and improving customer satisfaction.

Quicker service and effortless access to your sales

With a seamless way to sell your products and services, you’ll be able to offer faster service and gain satisfied members.

Take your business to the next level with a Point of Sale solution that handles all your payments in a single way making sales processes easier for your staff to manage and the purchase workflow more simple for your members.


The right tool to grow your business

Boost your bottom line using a Point of Sale system that integrates with your other products. With a Point of Sale system at your facility, you can sell products on location or through an online shop. You will also be able to push extra revenue by generating sales of other related products at your facility.

BRP has always been very strong when it comes to payments and the cash flow for our entire business. Creating and supporting solid routines around the cash has always worked extremely well. Having these reliable routines and automated flows gives us predictability, stability and trustworthiness – both for our customers, our company and employees.
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Heidi Heggernes, HR director and long-term executive at 3T

We are here to help!

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