Offer a membership on the go

Are you up to beat when it comes to digital awareness? Our solution gives you the opportunity to offer your members an app where they can access their membership and see a full overview of your classes making it easy for your members to book a spot in their favourite class. From your perspective, you get an extra channel to push your marketing through.
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Customise the app to your brand

With our mobile app, you can customise the look to match your brand e.g. your logo and brand colours. In that way, you give your members a great and consistent experience of your brand no matter where they interact with you.

Get in touch with yours members with a buzz in their pocket

When you use our mobile app, you can easily stay in touch with your members with in-app notifications. For instance, if you want to increase loyalty or show-ups, you can reach out to your members with encouraging messages and campaigns.

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Let your members get the most out of their membership

With the app, it is easier for your members to update their profile and book classes. Additionally, it is possible to set up access control via the app, so your members can enter your facility with their phone - without having to bring their membership card.

All in all, it is much easier for your members to exploit all the options directly via the app - which can increase your customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Do you want to exploit the benefits of our app?

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