Use automated communication to keep your members engaged

Are you lacking time for customer care and communication in general? Or are you concerned about development in member churn?

Using our Marketing and Retention software, you'll gain insights into your member activities and be able to take earlier action to minimize churn. You'll also be able to automate your everyday communication with your members increasing their engagement and retention rates.

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Free up time for what matters – your members!

Minimize spending hours pulling data from different systems. With BRP Cloud, you are able to generate relevant member reports easily enabling you to stay ahead of your members' behaviour ready to take the necessary steps to keep them engaged and retain them at your gym.

When using our solution, you can set up automated communication flows that will save valuable time on correspondence tasks and enable you to focus on your members – where and when they need you the most.

Keep your members informed and motivated

With our solution, you can keep your members active by continuously informing and engaging them via emails, push notifications or SMS alerts.

Planning it right, the automation will make sure to push relevant messages to relevant members at the right time! Ensuring motivated members and making sure you stay engaged with members who might be on the verge of leaving, might prove valuable for your business.

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Provide personalised communication

Influence your customer satisfaction by making your communication as personalised as possible. When delivering a personal message and experience, you can make your members feel valued. This will most likely be reflected in their engagement – meaning keeping their membership at your facility.

When using our solution, you can show your members that you care, by setting up personalised flows to stay engaged. You’ll be able to create targeted campaigns, promotions and other initiatives which will also strengthen your business.

Do you want to learn more?

Our Marketing and Retention tool can be valuable for your business, because the initiatives are timed perfectly and adapted to the behavior of each individual member. Reach out to us to explore more about your options.











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