A digital experience your members won't forget

Are you reaching your members beyond your facility? With a mobile app, customised to your brand, your business can go mobile and enhance your members' experience, as they will be able to:

  • engage with your business
  • make bookings when convenient
  • manage class attendance
  • view profile details
  • access training statistics

We are currently developing our next generation app: Go Active! A mobile app with an even greater design, a more user-friendly interface and multiple customisation options.

The Go Active! app is a part of our extensive Mobility development project. This is the first release of the app, which will gradually be expanded with a range of functionalities.


Convenient real-time booking

With our app solution, you can make your business accessible 24/7.

Allow your members to easily manage their membership and view their bookings directly on their mobile phones – wherever they are and whenever they like!

Make booking even more convenient for your members by choosing our mobile app.

Your app – your business brand

Using our mobile app, you can customise the design to match your brand's logo and colours – making it 100% yours.

The customisation includes:

  • logo
  • colours
  • images
  • instructor name + image
  • class descriptions

With a personalised app, you will increase your brand exposure and give your members an even greater experience of your company, brand and services.


Motivating member statistics

Offer your members insights into their training data.

Using our app solution, your members will gain access to relevant data and information about their training behaviour and results.

Let your members explore their statistics to learn more about their training and increase their motivation.

Developed to suit your needs

We have worked closely together with a panel of customers to develop an app that perfectly fits your industry and your members' needs.

The process has included focus groups, early adopters and a lot of useful feedback to get to where we are now: Release 1 of the Go Active! app.

And much more to come. So stay tuned!

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Do you want to know more?

Let's have a talk about your options and how our app can make a difference for your business – and take it to the next level!

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