The right tool to give your members the best experience

Are you eager to give your members the best experience possible? Are you lacking the tools to help you make your work more efficient?

Our Customer Relationship Management tool makes it easier for you to offer a high-quality experience to your members.

Memberships tailored to facility

Set up customised memberships that suit your target group

With BRP Cloud, you can set up all the memberships you want to offer your members. Whether you want to offer one or a whole bunch of different memberships, that is up to you.

For instance, if you have multiple facilities, you can differentiate the memberships to each facility or offer the same ones across all - giving you the opportunity to tailor your selection of memberships to suit your needs. 

Stay in contact with your members

With our solution, you can easily reach out to your members with the right message at the right time - ensuring that you keep in touch with your members on a regular basis and encouraging them to get the most out of their membership. Engaged members are happy members. 

Stay in contact with members

Get the full view of your members

With BRP Cloud, it is simple to manage all your members and their subscriptions. The administration is made easy, as you can segment on different parameters to analyse your member base further. That saves you a lot of time, and it will help you work more efficiently with your Customer Relationship Management tasks.
It made perfect sense to go with the best software on the market from the start when our business was brand new.
Nikolaj Bech Nielsen_Morsø_rund
Nikolaj Bech Nielsen, founder of Morsø Gym & Fitness

Are you considering our solution?

Let's get in touch, and let us tell you more about how your business can benefit from our Customer Relationship Management tool and all the other features.











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