Get rid of the frustrations when working with booking and planning

Are you tired of manual work when it comes to managing bookings in your facility? Do you get frustrated about the workload when managing work schedules and salary administration? With BRP Cloud, booking and planning are easy to administrate – giving a better experience for you, your employees and your members. 

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Bookings made easy

With BRP Cloud, it's easy for both you and your members to book classes and one-to-one sessions. The system keeps track of everything for you.

For instance, you don't have to keep an eye on your class registrations to avoid classes getting double-booked. You decide how many members can attend the class, and the system automatically prevents enrollment when the class is fully booked. 

Make planning a walk in the park

Avoid dreadful and complex planning of your employees' work schedule. In BRP Cloud, planning is simple and easy to manage. Just register your employees in the system, and you are ready to schedule their working hours.

With our solution, you get the full perspective of all work areas in your facility - including who is working at the reception, holding classes, working with one-to-one sessions and the like. 

Calendar and watch

Set your salary management on autopilot

When you plan your employees' working hours in the system, you make salary management much more convenient to administrate. The system automatically sums up the number of work hours for each employee during the month. This can save you a lot of time, as you don't have to manage the work hours manually.
The system automatically registers how many hours the instructors spend on fitness classes. It automatically calculates it, and that is bloody brilliant. That saves me and my office clerk multiple work hours.
Nikolaj Bech Nielsen_Morsø_rund
Nikolaj Bech Nielsen, founder of Morsø Gym & Fitness

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