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Chloé Baaklini
By Chloé Baaklini on November 06, 2023

MOVA chooses BRP

MOVA Group partners with BRP Systems to enhance user experience and fuel further Growth.

BRP Systems is proud to announce a strategic partnership with MOVA Group, a leading fitness and wellness provider with 80 training centers across Norway. The partnership aims to revolutionise the user experience for both customers and employees while propelling MOVA's ambitious growth plans.

Lars-Petter Østlie, CEO of MOVA Group, expressed the collective decision to select BRP Systems as their preferred system supplier, stating, "MOVA has great ambitions for further growth, and over the past 6 months, we have carefully considered which membership system will provide the best user experience. The fact that we agreed that BRP was the solution we considered most suitable was multifaceted."

unnamed (1) MOVA's criteria for selection included:

  • Maturity and Cloud-Based Stability: MOVA sought a membership system that is 100% cloud-based, offering a stable and robust solution to meet the demands of a growing fitness and wellness ecosystem.
  • Enhanced User Experience: The focus was on providing an exceptional user experience and comprehensive functionality for both customers and employees, including personal trainers.
  • Comprehensive Functionality and Automation: MOVA valued the totality of what the supplier could offer in terms of functionality and automation within a single system solution.

“The membership system is a core product in our business, and with a partnership with BRP, we are sure that we will be able to be at the forefront of developments and customers' needs in exercise and health", adds Lars-Petter

MOVA Group is excited about the potential this partnership holds, with plans to offer the BRP solution to members during the course of 2024. Additionally, the company is set to implement a common brand for its fitness clubs, cementing its commitment to delivering top-notch services to fitness enthusiasts.

Marius Andersson, speaking on behalf of BRP Systems, expressed their enthusiasm and commitment to the partnership, saying, "We are happy, proud and honoured to have been selected as the system supplier and partner to MOVA and look forward to supporting them on their continued growth journey."

BRP's product vision and strategy, which prioritise user experience and member functionality, align seamlessly with MOVA's goals. The agreement strengthens BRP's leading position in the Nordics, where they currently manage 3.5 million active members and 2400 clubs using BRP products.

By delivering solutions that increase profitability for customers and improve services for members, BRP Systems is dedicated to supporting MOVA and the broader fitness and health industry's mission of getting more people active and improving public health.

The partnership between MOVA Group and BRP Systems marks an exciting chapter in the fitness and wellness industry, focusing on enhancing user experiences and promoting health and well-being. Together, they are poised to lead the way in addressing the evolving needs of customers in the fields of exercise and health.

Published by Chloé Baaklini November 6, 2023
Chloé Baaklini