A full-service experience of financial services

Do you or your CFO want a strong team within finance? Let us help you become the master of your business and to empower the strengths of data-driven performance. By letting us be your financial department, we will help you bring out the very best of your business.

Together with partners, we also offer effective cash collection integrated with the system. Soon, we will launch our Payment Services where we, together with selected partners, can offer you a complete service for payments – both in-store and on the web.

Financial services

We know your business and your systems and can offer you personal engagement and a digitalised way of working with your accounting.


Payment solutions

With integrated check-outs and terminals, we take care of the processes of payments via web and facilities.

Cash collection

As an integrated part of your enterprise, we help you collect outstanding payments – fast and efficiently.

Financial services

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Covering a complete set of finance and controlling processes

The next step in your business is to let us take care of your business administration – so you stay focused on your core business.

We cover multiple areas within financial services - including services within accounting, controlling and financial digital services.

Our data-driven approach entails that you receive all the important insights you can base your business decisions on to take your business ahead of the curve. 

Empowering the strengths of data-driven performance

With our four main focuses, we can help you to use data to your advantages within your financial operations. 

Personal engagement: 
The benefit of a personal engagement supported by the knowledge and skills of a complete team.

Effective & efficient:
Scaling efficiency through harmonization of processes and interactions, working in a common way with our customers.

Digitalised way of working: 
Using modern and state of the art digital technology for delivering high value to our customers.

Know your numbers: 
Delivering focused insights for business decision-making, empowered by the strengths of data-driven performance.

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