Your opportunity to get ahead of the curve

Our BRP Cloud solution is improved in every possible way, so you don't have to worry about anything else but your business.

It is a web-based system with an optimized technical architecture, new unique features and an increased performance to create a seamless platform that enables you to be the market leader in your industry.

So, there is no longer any excuses for not getting on board.


BRP Cloud – Multiple advantages, features and values

  • A web-based system with increased accessibility and minimal local installations.
  • Optimized flow of recurring card payments.
  • Digital receipts (via email).
  • Entrance products (one-day tickets)
  • Mobile access with digital membership cards (also supports offline mode)
  • Event options (recurring activities + reservations and payments)

You will experience great value with the BRP Cloud solution.

  • Save time on time-consuming routines.
  • Experience fewer frustrations with a smoother and more adaptable solution.
  • Give your members a better customer experience.

A quality solution for a quality gym!

“After getting started with BRP Cloud, it’s clear to me that it was the right choice. It works perfectly. Actually, I recommended my acquaintance to transfer to BRP”.

Nikolaj Bech Nielsen
Founder of Morsø Gym & Fitness

Nikolaj Bech Nielsen_Morsø_rund

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