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What is Mobility?

The Mobility project is an investment that will spread over the rest of 2021, and it is the single largest development investment BRP has ever done. Actually, more than +10,000 hours will be invested in this project throughout the year.


Brand new app

Mobility will at its core introduce a range af improvements and new functions. The new APP will be a central part of the project - improving your customers' perception of your operation.

The app will be introduced as one of the first things, and will gradually be expanded with a range of functions.

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Usage of the app will build on the newest knowledge about intuitive usage, have clear and self-explaining icons & a fresh colour palette. 


Completely new design

The new app will have a fresh, new look and include various possibilities and information that is key to your members. 

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A new generation of webshops

The Mobility project includes a new and smoother webshop design. You can create a customised universe online where your members can easily explore all your offers and purchase what they need.


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